Our organization, the Surge Institute, enlisted Mark and the Spacebar Projects team to conduct research and make recommendations as we approach expansion. The research we needed is in an area where we had neither capacity nor expertise. Mark’s professional wheelhouse aligned perfectly with what we needed, and the documents and presentation he produced led to great conversations with our board that led to confirming our expansion strategy. Mark was on task, on time, and on budget, but he was also on target for what we needed, and helped us see beyond our initial challenge. I look forward to working with Mark and team again.

Connie Casson, COO, Surge Institute

Mark was a top-notch strategist, networker, and advisor as Global Citizen Year launched our new partnership with Chicago Public Schools and began building a local community of donors and champions. He is an extremely quick study; within weeks, we all felt like he had been part of the team for years! Mark is also incredibly skilled at cultivating relationships and partnerships, thanks to an extremely rare combination of personality, patience and persistence. Mark is able to gracefully juggle multiple tasks and shares his expertise with humility and a sense of humor. Best of all, he is 100% motivated by mission (not ego) and will always keep student success as his bottom line.

Linda Frey, VP of Strategic Partnerships, Global Citizen Year

Yesterday, Modos was a finalist in the Englewood Quality of Life Business Plan competition. We are proud to share with you that we won the top award, $10,000 through Teamworks Englewood. We want to say THANK YOU for helping us think through Modos using your Continuum Exercise because we were able to come into the room confidently and discuss present and future partnerships, connect with the community, and provide financial facts.

Jessica Newman, MODOS co-founder

In regards to your Continuum Exercise, I was impressed with how effectively you moved everyone along. You are an absolute master of your craft.  In 3 hours, you achieved what would have taken us days to accomplish. I especially enjoyed the open, non-judgmental atmosphere where you helped identify the language most appropriate for the needs of different donors.  You had the depth of experience to guide the group through a deliberate process, compiling, organizing and rephrasing while taking every suggestion seriously until the goal was reached. I enjoyed every minute. It was an exceptionally valuable experience. Thank you again.

Lucinda Vriner, Board Member, Ignition Community Glass

Coming off a major rebrand for the Shriver Center, we needed a compelling communications piece to lay out our new brand positioning and personality. Mark internalized our new messaging platform and brought to life a sharp, cohesive narrative that speaks to uncomfortable truths about poverty and racial inequity in our country. He’s a great listener and strategic thinker and a wonderful partner and bridge between our internal teams and creative lead. We are excited for our new voice through his work!

Ambar Mentor-Truppa, Vice President of Communications, Shriver Center on Poverty Law