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Spacebar Projects is an eclectic consulting shop that strives to be briefly indispensable to you and your organization. We provide guidance and coaching on organizational growth, assistance with vital deliverables, and strategies focused on preserving your people’s health and well-being at key, specific instances of change. Most of our clients are non-profits, but not exclusively. The moments we thrive in:


When you are a small or startup organization and everything needs to get done at once, with limited resources, how do you prioritize the order of operations and activate the superpowers (and productivity) of your team members, meeting them at the intersection of their expertise and their interest?


When you have proof of concept and it’s time to morph into something larger, what’s the right way to investigate and approach growth opportunities, raise dollars, and balance market-share goals against internal sustainability and the essential preservation of team culture?


When it’s time to step back as an organization and create spaces, experiences, and outings that build camaraderie and team appreciation, how are you best positioned to plan and execute the fun stuff, and who is best to do it?

Spacebar Projects is not in the business of telling an organization what to do. The intent, through provocative inquiry, is to draw out from you what you are, what you aren’t, what you aspire to be, and how to get there, staying healthy and happy along the way.

Empathy is the catalyst. Diligence is promised. Propulsion is the hope.

Spacebar Projects is Oriented Around Two Ideas


Approachability. A consultant should show up as an authentic, approachable, temporary partner, as curious about my clients as a cluster of human beings as I am about clients’ workplaces and mission statements.


De-Mystification. When the client faces something that feels necessary and also complex, stressful, or mysterious, it’s time to bring in an objective voice to help your group examine that something, poke at it, turn it over, untangle it, scratch our heads about it, laugh about it, work diligently on it and de-mystify it until it becomes clear, actionable, effective, useful, and in due time, completed.

For how long? A healthy consulting relationship means we’re working diligently towards the day you don’t need a consultant anymore. ‘Projects’ is in my company name on purpose. We’re working on SOMETHING together, not ANYTHING, and certainly not EVERYTHING. It shouldn’t ever feel like I work at your company full time. Everyone knows what we’re attempting to accomplish, and what we’re not working on, and how we’ll know when we’re done. My products and services are intentionally skewed towards short-term engagements, as brief as one day to as long as perhaps a few months’ time. If we find something else to work on, we’ll start fresh every time with a new scope.